What you can find at Horsnyder Pharmacy

Horsnyder Pharmacy is a pharmacy and so much more. We carry a large selection of medical and health care related products making us your premiere health care partner in the Santa Cruz area..

Mobility Products

Whether you are recovering from injury, surgery or learning to live with a chronic medical condition, having the freedom of mobility is the first step in maintaining your independence. We carry a large variety of products designed to keep you moving and make your life more enjoyable.

Bath Safety

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. For young and old alike, it's important to maintain a safe environment in the bathroom to prevent falls or other injury. A safe bathroom can allow seniors to maintain their independence.


Loss of bladder control is a common problem, but it doesn't have to be embarrassing. If urinary incontinence affects your daily activities, we can ease discomfort and help you approach your daily activities with more confidence. We offer discrete and reliable protection.

Circulation Aids

Controlling blood flow throughout the body is sometimes needed when patients suffer from medical conditions involving poor circulation. Compression socks and other circulation aids are needed to help overcome these issues. We carry a full line of compression stockings, sleeves and gloves.


Restricting movement and providing support can be key to the healing process. A doctor may prescribe braces to aid in recovery after surgery or to prevent further damage, depending upon your medical condition. We carry a wide variety of braces.

Specialty Footwear

Whether your are looking fofr shoes that make it easier to live with the effects of diabetes or need reliable footwear for work, you can find specialty footwear just perfect for you in our foot care department. With styles you'sure sure to love, your feet are sure to thank you.

Lymphedema Care

When exercise and physical therapy are not enough to improve lymphedema, your health care profession may prescribe the use of compression stockings, multilayer bandages, pneumatic pumps or other methods to assist you. We carry a full line of lymphedema care products.

Mastectomy Care

Mastectomy Surgery can be one of the most frightening and life-changing procedures for a woman. Our staff is sensitive to your needs and can offer great insight into your care and recovery. Our staff is happy to assist you in finding the products and supplies perfect for your care.

Your partner for wellness.....